Tiki Mug Pins


Feeling thirsty? Need a vacation? Want to take kitschy Cali flare with you wherever you go?

No matter where you are or what time of year it is, it is officially Craz Tiki Time!

The tiki culture of 1930s California was known for its kitschy Polynesian-inspired style, made popular by Don’s Beachcomber bar and restaurant which lives on today at establishments such as Trader Vic’s. With her love for this colorful phase of cocktail culture, Crazdude created uniquely vibrant mug designs and lush garnishes based on her characters (Craz-wolf, Sugarloaf the red panda/puffin gryphon, and Stromie the polar bear, and Syber Byte the sabertooth Siberian Tiger!).

And for those mature enough to mix it up at home, see the different design variations for their matching Tiki cocktail recipe and informative videos!

  • Craz-wolf Tiki – Pearl Diver Punch – #Crazwolf
  • Stromie Tiki – Navy Grrrog – #stromiebear
  • Sugarloaf Tiki – Jungle Bird – #sugarloafgryphon
  • Syber Byte Tiki – Zombie – #syberbyte

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Sugarloaf, Craz, Stromie, Syberbyte


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