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Do you enjoy Crazdude’s Artwork & Advice Blogs but don’t know how to express it?

Of course, sharing your favorite Crazdude blogs on social media and leaving comments are great ways to show that you like what I’m doing and want to see more! Also if you purchase a print, shirt, or commission through the shop, I’d love to see your honest shop reviews!

Ko-Fi, Patreon, + other ways to tip

Tips welcome through Patreon, Paypal Me, Cash App, or buy me a coffee through Ko-Fi!

Crazdude on Kickstarter – My first pin Kickstarter was a great success! So be sure to follow me on Kickstarter for new product launches!

Merchandise ‘n’ More – I use Catprint for all of my prints, business cards, greeting cards, sticker sheets, and coloring books! They have great customer service, dedication to quality, and their paper selection is so diverse! When you use my link to create an account and place an order, we both will receive $10 off coupon for our next order! Catprint LLC fosters cats and dogs at their facility (you can see them on their Instagram!) They also help animals and give discounts through their Catprint Cares donation program!

Money Transfer + Subscription Services

SquareUp – Want to try Square for sales on the go? Consider joining at Crazdude’s Referral link so we both get free processing for up to $1,000!

Patreon – Have you considered creating a Patreon account? Don’t be afraid! Join at Crazdude’s referral link and give it a try! If you use my link to launch your account, Patreon will add a +50% bonus to your first month’s earnings and I will get the same bonus!

Ko-Fi – Ko-fi is a great way to collect payment for commissions or accept tips. If you join Ko-Fi Gold at my link and remain a member for 1 month or more, you get a 10% discount on Ko-Fi’s Gold membership and I get $3!

Cash App – Join Cash App with my code and we BOTH get $5 when you link a new bank account! Since my PayPal account is a business account, Cash App is my preferred digital money transfer method for sending and receiving payments for hotel room shares and other con-weekend expenses.


Trello – Need some organization in your life? Join Trello for FREE to give Crazdude a free month of Trello Gold! As you can see in this blog entry, Trello makes my life easier and it could help you in so many ways

Travel + Food

Lyft – When I fly to conventions, I need a reliable way to get to the convention so I use Lyft! For $10 in ride credit, download the Lyft app using my referral link! Terms apply.

Doordash – Sometimes I am just a half-dead dealer slug after the den closes at a con so Doordash comes in handy! My dealer roomies and I love their group order feature which makes it easy for us all to put in our desired meal items from our own phones during the busy sales day and schedule for drop off right after the den closes! The recent changes in the group order function also make it easy for us to know what everyone owes when all is said and done too!


Path of Titans – This Alderon Games shop link is tied to my account so by joining with my link, you and I both get referral benefits of referral-exclusive skins, friend growth buff when we quest together, and stunning Home Cave decor! (Learn more about the refer a friend goodies at their Refer A Friend FAQ but be sure to buy with my referral link [ ] for all the fancy benefits!)

This incredible cross-platform MMORPG demo has gorgeous dinosaur and prehistoric creature models with even more in the works! I have plenty of characters who love to relax, show newbies the ropes, raise hatchlings, and help with quests and navigating the terrain in the official map of Panjura as well as a diverse selection of community-made modded maps!

Because “All work and no play makes Craz something something…”, help me chill out once in a while… as dinosaurs! So be sure to add me as an Alderon Games friend when you get the game so we can explore together! My Alderon Games ID (AGID) is: 424-294-329

Also if you’re interested in catching some of my chill Path of Titans Streams, I do that over on my CrazdudeTheWolf Twitch account and you can follow my Twitter account @Riversnap1 (named after my main Suchomimus character Riversnap) for stream updates and screenshots that I take in the game!

Moonvalley Organics – I stumbled upon this cool organic personal care product company at the Pike Place Market during my trip out to Seattle, WA for Anthro Northwest 2021 and fell in love with their lotion bars. With all the travel and hand sanitizer, I needed a lotion that was easy to keep on hand, didn’t feel gross, and smelled good to boot. And it doesn’t hurt that Moonvalley Organics is dedicated to self-sustaining and eco-friendly goals and proactive on behalf of pollinators through activism, education, and charitable contributions! By purchasing through my referral link, you save 20% on all their products and I’ll get a 20% coupon as well!