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1.) Navigate by medium and style; Traditional vs Digital.

2.) On item pages, select sizes and features from the dropdown menu bar near the “add to cart” button to see dimensions, examples, and details.

3.) Add the item to your cart to purchase the item desired – shipping will apply (if applicable) at check-out.

4.) Upon confirmation of payment, I will reach out to commissioners via email to inquire about details such as name, pose, expression, reference sheets, photos, themes, and props.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure of anything! Feel free to contact me with your question here or contact me with a reference sheet for a quote at the bottom of this page.

Commission Products:

See examples on this page in their respective sections – hyperlinks below correspond to quote request forms.

Convention Badges

Traditional & Digital Illustrations

Tattoo Design

Reference Sheets

Pixel Icons, Tags, & Dolls

Logos & Promotional Design

Shipping Prices

Applicable to Traditional, Printed, and merchandise items:

USA: $3.50+ depending on purchase

Flat rate International: $15


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Convention Badges

Traditional Badges

  • Prismacolor Marker Badges – $50-325
  • Colored Pencil Badges – $50-175
  • Swing Tail Badges – $65
  • Neon Sketch Card Badges – $60
  • Raffle Ticket art (Ticket ACEO) – $45

Digital Badges / Telegram Stickers

Request a custom badge commission quote here!

Illustrations, Keychains, Bookmarks, Ref Sheets & ACEOs

Traditional Illustrations

Request a custom Illustration commission quote here!

Digital Vector Illustration

Prices based on detail, character features. Spots, stripes, wings all take me more time to create with my click-by-click Adobe Illustrator software. Commission comes with a file to share and a Print file that is large enough to print as an 11″x14″ poster print for personal use.

  • Line art: $150+
  • Flat color: $200+
  • Detailed + Shaded: $300+


  • Additional character: $70+ each


  • Gradient or solid color: Included
  • Accent elements or Pop-art Background: $60+
  • Full background illustration: $120+

Request a custom Illustration commission quote here!

Tattoo Design

Tattoos can be designed in any medium and style but the Tattoo design service ensures that your artwork will have the legal and physical capability to be tattooed on your skin.

A tattoo design commission from Crazdude includes:

  • design service – so that what you want is what you get!
  • tattoo artist consultation and research – to ensure the tattoo can be reproduced on skin
  • formally typed letter of permission for your tattoo professional to reproduce use my artwork on your skin
  • print outs of the tattoo in the appropriate size (line art only and full color versions)
  • professional full color digital print (if digital) or the original (if traditional)

Request a custom Tattoo Design quote here!


Digital Reference Sheet

Reference sheet Prices:

Note: Prices for simple characters negotiable.

  • 1 view – $110+
  • 2 views – $180+
  • 3 views – $240+
  • Custom props like accessories, favorite things, small pet, etc – $20 each [or 3 for $50]
  • Custom Facial expressions – $30 each (Add $5 to turn expression into Telegram sticker)
  • Character doesn’t exist (doesn’t have an established ref sheet)? Add $60-200 for a custom designed character (depending on complexity)
  • Character exists but needs a slight revamp? Add $25-50 for a minor redesign of an existing character.

Request a custom Reference Sheet quote, see examples and learn more here!


Digital Painted Illustration

  • Semi-realism – $100 (+$80 for additional character or detailed background)
  • Realism – $150 (+$100 for additional character or detailed background)
  • Pay by the hour: $50 per hour

Pixel Icons, Tags, & Dolls






Custom size Doll / Tag – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

See additional examples at Crazdude’s Pixel gallery at Deviant Art

Vector work, Logos & Promotional Design

  • Vector file conversion (for existing raster artwork) – $60 per hour
  • Custom logos
    • Simple – $240-300
    • Moderate – $350-$550
    • Complex – $600+
    • + $50 per hour for additional work
  • Business Card designs – $50 flat rate + $15 per edit
  • Pamphlet/Flyer designs – $50/hour

Request a quote for custom Logo and branding graphics commission here

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