Reference Sheet Quote Request Form

Thank you for your interest in a
Crazdude Reference Sheet!

Please take time to review prices, reference sheet gallery
(at the bottom of the page), and Terms of Service before
requesting a quote with the form below!

Reference sheet Prices:

Note: Prices for simple characters negotiable.

  • 1 view – $110+
  • 2 views – $180+
  • 3 views – $240+
  • Custom props like accessories, favorite things, small pet, etc – $20 each [or 3 for $50]
  • Custom Facial expressions – $30 each (Add $5 to turn expression into Telegram sticker)
  • Character doesn’t exist (doesn’t have an established ref sheet)? Add $60-200 for a custom designed character (depending on complexity)
  • Character exists but needs a slight revamp? Add $25-50 for a minor redesign of an existing character.

Included Benefits of a Crazdude Reference sheet:

+ All species welcome!

+ Feral animal, “Disney-Nude” SFW Anthropomorphic, or combination (if multiple views).

Anthro can be either plantigrade [human-like legs] or digitigrade [dog-like legs].

+ Callouts – important markings, features, or accessories.

+ Color Key – with optional Prismacolor marker and/or Copic color codes

+ Write up of character – Name, gender, size, likes/dislikes, personality, etc.

+ Colored/patterned background that compliments character.

+ Simple accessories (rings, piercings, etc)

+ Two Final files:

SHARE file – formatted 72ppi for RGB to be visible on web/computer (also features watermarks to reduce theft.)

PRINT file – formatted 300ppi CMYK for printing (for personal use only.)


Optional Add-ons:

+ Character design services – to create a custom character to your specifications

+ Props or close-ups

(like favorite accessories or foods) of important markings

+ Facial expressions to help bring your character to life!

+ Telegram Sticker Upgrade

With an additional fee, add-on facial expressions can be upgraded at any point to be converted into Telegram stickers.

Important notes:

  • Due to the fact that all of my commission prices are constantly in flux, a quote is considered to be a price guide; not a final price, not a contractual agreement.
  • A quote is valid as stated starting from the point in which I issue that quote and for up to 2 (two) months.
  • Any quote can be considered null and void after 2 months of financial or communication inactivity from requester.


Once submitted, please allow up to
1 week for a response via email.

Thank you!

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