Copic Refill – Success! Here’s how

I had written details about my preference for Prismacolor markers in a previous ramble. And although I still stick to my personal preference of Prismacolor markers due to color variety, hue accuracy, temperament with different papers, and style of nibs, I just had the wonderful experience of refilling a Copic marker thanks to a helpful Youtube instructional video.

(And it doesn’t hurt that she was refilling the exact same color that I needed to fill!)

If you were afraid of a messy experience like I was, FEAR NOT! Grab a rag or tissue when you remove the chisel nib. When filling, go slow. I used the refill tube like an eyedropper; only squeezing one droplet out at a time. I stopped every few drops to check how much lower the ink was on the refill and checking the juiciness of the down-ward facing nib occasionally.

After I put the marker back together and replaced the caps, I tapped the top of the chisel cap of the marker on the table to encourage the ink to leech into the dry chisel nib. I tested the marker on a sheet of paper and started using right away!

Now that I now that I have the option to use this marker, refill, and repeat for at least 10 more times, I’m warming up to Copic markers a bit more. Especially for a cost efficient background fill-color option!

Now, where did I get my refill? Blick Arts shop at – their prices are the best I had seen and usually have great sales and free shipping offers!

If you have a favorite art supply store for cheap copic markers and refills, list it here in the comments! Otherwise, happy shopping, best of luck refilling, and go enjoy some creativity time!

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