Iris Stegosaurus Pin


Iris the Stegosaurus finds peace roaming solo through the redwood forests of Panjura in search of phenomenal views and soothing sounds, all while keeping an eye out for stray youngsters to help in their journey across the treacherous land. With her green-toned skin, she keeps a low profile in the hearty ferns (as low a profile as a 5-ton quadruped with a plate-lined spine can!) so if you’re fortunate to spot her and don’t draw attention from nearby threats, she’ll gladly keep you safe on your journey.

Since Stegosaurus was my mom’s favorite dinosaur, I first created Iris in Path of Titans with purple plates (much like the Irises that my mom loved.) Over the years, I settled on the “Lime” skin which I adore for the chartreuse tones, stripes, and slight stained-glass effect of the plates. I wanted to do so much more for her outside of the game. Sapphire is the birth stone for my mom’s birth month of September, so my goal was to include blue tones as a tribute to her. As color schemes go, you start with green, add blue eyes and accents… eventually I ended up with a peacock feather inspired color scheme that I love.

Stay tuned for more of Crazdude’s favorite dinosaurs and dino-sonas!

Reject human adulting, join Crazdude as a dinosaur in Path of Titans!


–  Black metal
–  9-colors – hard enamel
–  Dimensions:  2.74″ x  1.75″ (69.6 mm x 44.4 mm)
–  3 pin posts for stability
–  matching grass-green rubber clutches

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