Ruckus Pin


Ruckus the Stygimoloch – a pachycephalosaur with a spiky crown of plum-colored horns named “demon of the River Styx” – is just a jovial rascal who spends time jump-scaring their friends (emphasis on ‘jump’), dodging dangerous creatures, and otherwise causing playful, harmless chaos when they catch a case of the zoomies.

Stay tuned for more of Crazdude’s favorite dinosaurs and dino-sonas!

Reject human adulting, join Crazdude as a dinosaur in Path of Titans!

–  Black metal
–  7 colors – hard enamel
–  Dimensions: 2.25″ x 1.8″ (57.4 mm x 45.8 mm)
–  3 pin posts for stability
–  matching yellow-green rubber clutches

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