Magic Majesty Shirt


With an air of nobility, good luck, wellbeing, self-empowerment, and magic, this iconoclast design was created to evoke confidence, personal strength, and good health at a time when us nonconformists need it most. Having personally overcome struggles with personal health, loss, and insecurities, I am finally finding myself in a more balanced and inspired state. This design is my gift of personal strength to those who need the boost.

Historically, the spade served as a symbol of royalty and it appears in this design to serve as a symbol of personal autonomy. Although rabbits are known for being prey animals, they certainly aren’t defenseless. If their speed doesn’t get them out of harm’s way, their powerful hind kicks and bolt-cutter-like teeth may give a predator second thoughts. The pentagram may be off-putting to some but has been used across many religions for centuries. The Pythagorean Pentagram had been used by the Greeks of the 6th century BC specifically as a symbol of mutual recognition and of wellbeing. Ouija Planchette serves as the third eye of the rabbit oriented while also appearing as a heart to imply harnessing the memory of loved ones we have lost as a part of our own spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth; a healthy way to hold reverence for fond aspects of our past while while staying focused on personal improvement.

All shirts hand-printed on super comfy Unisex Poly-cotton blend Heather Red / Red Triblend (both of which are slightly weathered-looking red color) tank tops + T-shirts [zip-up lightweight hoodies possibly coming soon!] by Bella + Canvas Los Angeles for XS-2XL (3XL via alternate producers.) These are the same shirts I have been using for the majority of my shirt offerings and, as always, proudly produced in small-runs by independent Rochester, NY printer Tiny Fish Printing!

Black, white, and metallic gold Graphic is 12″x12″ – Printed on the front of Triblend Red Tank tops & Heather Red Tees


Unsure about unisex sizing? Check out the size chart before purchasing


Shirts (both the fabric and graphics printed on them) will last longer when cared for accordingly. Wash shirts inside-out with like-colored clothing in cold water. For items with zippers, zip up all the way to protect the zipper (from getting broken in washer or dryer) and to protect other clothes snagging from the zipper teeth. For hoodies with drawstrings, tie the strings to prevent them from becoming unthreaded from the hood while in the washer. When drying, tumble dry on low, line dry, or lay flat to dry.

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