Holiday Print 3 Pack


This value pack of 10″x13″ prints contains prints of three Christmas-inspired marker and pen illustrations which are sealed in a protective plastic sleeve shipped in a flat envelope. A $75 value!

“Holiday Peace and Memoriam” – This piece was created to evoke happiness and peace for the holiday season. The olive branches frame the deer amongst the pale pink poinsettias and his calm smile bring tranquility to a world of turmoil. The fox tails to either side of the deer are meant to symbolize the appreciation of nature’s beauty and also serve as a memoriam for the loved ones who are not with us during this holiday season.

“Friendship and Forgiveness on Christmas” – Christmas is a time to hold loved ones close and be at peace with our neighbors. The fox is a natural predator of the mouse but in this illustration they are seen in a moment of peaceful friendship. They are framed by white fir pine needles, sprigs of spruce, and Christmas roses, which seem to form a Christmas tree with the star of Bethlehem at the apex. The natural triangle shape of the typical Christmas tree can be interpreted as a Delta: a symbol of change.

“Love and prosperity for the New Year” – Geese are nested beneath a full moon signaling the winter solstice. Cattail shelter the pair while symbolizing prosperity for the New Year in Taiwan. Mistletoe is a symbol of romance and peace. Although it is parasitic to plants, it is essential to the diets and nesting habits of various animals across the globe. Holly has been used in Christian songs and decoration to symbolize the birth and death of Christ but also utilized by the Druids for decoration long before Christianity.

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