Wax and Wane Enamel Pins


A story of two wolves — one white, one black — separated by expanses of treacherous wilderness but forever connected in memory and spirit. Their song in the night echoes out to each other, “I’m here! Where are you?” In the stars, a memory of time they shared together. In the moon, a reminder of the here and now that keeps them apart. Luckily for them, the lonely distance between them can be traveled in time. As the moon continues to wax and wane, they will be reunited again if you help them.



Funded successfully on Kickstarter, these pins the first Crazdude pins to ever be produced! As these pins get ready for manufacturing, there are some pins (out of the 100 gold and 100 silver) still up for grabs! So if you didn’t get a chance to reserve yours while the Kickstarter was live (March-April 2018) now is your chance to reserve yours!

  • 1.5″ hard enamel with glitter accents (Silver for “Wax”, Gold for “Wane”)
  • Shiny silver plated metal finishing for the white wolf & shiny gold plated metal finishing for the black wolf
  • 0.25″ star charm with glitter enamel
  • Each charm fastened to each pin by either gold-plated or silver plated metal chain link
  • Rubber clutches (to keep the pin fastened to clothing)
  • Crazdude designed holographic backing card


  • Manufacturing: April-May
  • Pins (and stickers) ship to me: Mid May
  • Kickstarter Rewards and Pre-orders sent out/arrive: Late May/June

Additional information


Wax (white wolf), Wane (black wolf)


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