Wolves Wristband


Night’s Chorus – howling wolves double-sided, elastic fabric wristband

Side A: Three wolves (white, earth-tone, and black) rising from the clouded sky above the sun, howling to the rising moon
Side B: Repeating duets of howling wolves (white, earth-tone, and black)

These vibrant dye-sublimated wristband bracelets are ‘one size fits most’ thanks to the stretchy, comfy, woven fabric! Be sure to see the other designs! All reversible wristbands feature the dominant design on one side and a repeating complimentary design on the reverse side!

Material: dye-sublimated polyester and elastic fused with logo-stitched black ribbon.
Dimensions: 1″ wide and approximately 7″ circumference at its most relaxed (14″ at maximum stretch – Due to double-sided dye sublimation, color can’t penetrate the fabric without ruining both designs so the white (un-dyed) fabric will be visible in black areas of graphics when overstretched, making the graphic seem faded. Looks best on wrists 10″ or less in circumference (measure around wrist with flexible ruler.))

Note: Wristbands have strong elastic and may need to be stretched to suit your preferences. You can expedite the stretching of elastic for a more relaxed fit by putting the wristband on a cylindrical object that is larger than your wrist (a 3″ diameter candle, soda can, or soup can) and letting it stretch on the cylinder for 30mins. Repeat this process until the desired slack is achieved.


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