Pool Toy Trinka Dragon Pin


Dragons are known for hoarding and Trinka is no different! Well, maybe a little different… She loves shiny things but not the stereotypical priceless treasures of gold and jewels. Instead of a den looking like a mountain of antique jewelry, her hoard looks more like a party: colorful balloons and cute pool toys! Even if you see her without her hoard, tail-spade is an infinitely-resizable, clear, heart-shaped balloon full of colorful bouncy balls which was tied with a ribbon!

Despite the fact that Trinka has been around for years, she is making her official debut as a part of the Squeak Squad at her absolute squeakiest!

– Dimensions: 2″ x 1″ (51.7 mm x 38.5 mm)
– 9-color hard enamel lapel pin
– polished black metal
– two pin posts for stability
– matching pastel purple rubber clutches

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