Jadethorn Triceratops Pin


Jadethorn the Triceratops is quite a bit larger than her ceratopsian cousin Heartpiercer and tends to be a bit cooler under pressure but that doesn’t mean she’ll tolerate nonsense from predators! She is always on the move, exploring all of Panjura from the lowest Sinkhole to the highest hilltops of the Highlands, in search of the serene sounds of waterfalls and scent of flowers in bloom… and tasty berries whenever they’re in season!

Stay tuned for more of Crazdude’s favorite dinosaurs and dino-sonas!

Reject human adulting, join Crazdude as a dinosaur in Path of Titans!


–  Black metal
–  7-colors – hard enamel
–  Dimensions:  2.3″ x  1.8″ (59.5 mm x 45.7 mm)
–  3 pin posts for stability
–  matching jade green rubber clutches

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