Cardoon Euoplocephalus Pin


Cardoon the Euoplocephalus – an ankylosaurid known for it’s “well-armed head” – appears intimidating at a glance but is a docile herbivore at heart. With a body built for defense (as most ankylosaurines tend to be), his osteoderms make him a tough nut to crack and the club tail will make attackers think twice.

Cardoons are thistles much like Artichokes. My Anodontosaurus in Path of Titans had been going by the name “Artichoke” since it debuted in the game. When faced with an opportunity to make a dinosona for my husband Stromie, things escalated quickly! Artichokes and thistles related, thistles are a part of our curling club’s logo (the place where we first met), artichokes are delicious, thistles have stunning and funky colors that he loves to wear in real life, he is also amused by the tail club of doom… Then the fact that Euoplocephalus lived in the same timeframe and region as Lambeosaurus (my hadrosaur-sona Magnolia), it all just made too much sense to ignore! The face armor that imitates the colors of a thistle bloom is a nod to his greenhouse family roots. And I even gave him stripes as a nod to the ugly Buffalo Bills Zubas pants he used to wear… just a bit more subdued, hehe!

Stay tuned for more of Crazdude’s favorite dinosaurs and dino-sonas!

Reject human adulting, join Crazdude as a dinosaur in Path of Titans!


–  Black metal
–  7-colors – hard enamel
–  Dimensions:  2.5″ x  1.25″ (63 mm x 31.7 mm)
–  2 pin posts for stability
–  matching fuchsia rubber clutches

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