The Story of Bub

I’m sure at least a handful of you guys have been called bub, or bup, or buppy by me at some point. I think it’s about time I tell you all the story of bub. It’s a little story about a cat, a zombie, and a slug… Enjoy!

In early December of 2003, my cat Popcorn came in from outside at my Dad’s home in central Pennsylvania with something SLIMEYNASTYYUCKYGETITOFFMEPLZ looking in his fur! He’s a longhair cat so it could have been just about anything, but what I found was what I least expected to find in winter: a garden slug. <3

So I took it out of his fur, put him in a big, clear water bottle, gave him some lettuce and some drops of water, and named him Bub, after the loyal, intelligent, friendly zombie in the George A. Ramero movie, “Day of the Dead”. Since I had saved him around Christmas, I called him Bub the Christmas slug. Bub was a hearty little slug! I made sure I cleaned out his container and gave him drops of water and fresh lettuce often enough to quench his little thirst and fill his little belly. I wanted only the best for this unique winter visitor! But I prepared myself for the worst so I wasn’t heartbroken.

By nature’s standards, he shouldn’t have made it past the end of October, when Pennsylvania usually gets it’s first snowfall. So I thought time and the ways of nature would have kicked in and thought he’d never make it past Christmas. But then Christmas came and I didn’t think he’d make it into the New Year. Little did I know that this adorable little bugger would last all the way into March! O_0

So when I call people bub/bup/bubby/buppy/bupper, they should know I think of them as loyal, friendly, determined, and peaceful among many other great attributes that I value in a friend.

Much love to all my bubs out there!


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