Tattoo Design – Quote Request Form

Thank you for your interest in a
Crazdude Tattoo Design!

Please take time to review commission prices
and Terms of Service before requesting
a price quote with the form below!

What is included in a Tattoo Design commission:

Due to the infinite options, diverse sizes, and detailed design process of creating a custom tattoo, I consider the tattoo commission process to be a combination an illustration and design project. A tattoo design commission from Crazdude includes:

  • design service – working together (through brainstorming and critique) to design artwork special for you!
  • tattoo artist consultation and research – I will ensure the tattoo can be reproduced correctly on your skin
  • formally typed letter of permission – for your tattoo professional to reproduce my artwork on your skin
  • print-outs of the tattoo in the appropriate size (line art only and full color versions)
  • professional full color digital print (if digital) or the original (if traditional)

My general rule is that you can select a commission option you like (including vector portraits, marker illustrations, paintings, and colored pencil badges), plus $100-200 to cover the custom design service, tattooing rights letter, consultation/research, printed artwork, and original artwork.

Important notes:

  • Due to the fact that all of my commission prices are constantly in flux, a quote is considered to be a price guide; not a final price, not a contractual agreement.
  • A quote is valid as stated starting from the point in which I issue that quote and for up to 2 (two) months.
  • Any quote can be considered null and void after 2 months of financial or communication inactivity from requester.

Once submitted, please allow up to
1 week for a response via email.

Thank you!