Wolf Lanyard


Night’s Chorus – howling wolves double-sided, elastic fabric wristband

Side A: Three wolves (white, earth-tone, and black) rising from the clouded sky above the sun, howling to the rising moon
Side B: Repeating duets of howling wolves (white, earth-tone, and black)

Whether you use lanyards on a daily basis to carry your keys or want a something special to showcase your badges at a convention, these lanyards are the perfect choice. Get one while they last!

Features Include:

  • Standard length – 3/4″ (2cm) wide by 19″ (48cm) long [Entire fabric length 37″ (95cm)]
  • Silky smooth brightly dyed fabric with original artwork by Crazdude
  • Full color print on both sides of the fabric
  • Key hook – A strong metal clasp with trigger to open and swivel function for mobility
  • Black plastic breakaway clasp for safety at work (and for fursuiters to easily put on after getting suited up!)
  • Sturdy machine stitching keeps the key hook in place

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