Greenie Rhamphorhynchus Pin


Greenie the Rhamphorhynchus – a long-tailed small pterosaur – is a special addition to the paleo pals! Greenie has been a part of my life since I was in grade school (a solid green plush Manhattan Toy Co. pterosaur that I had growing up and the reason I proclaim Rhamphorhynchus my favorite pterosaur!) The colors of Greenie’s redesign is based off of an outfit I made for his plush self; a cranberry-colored vest and cream-colored scarf for to make him look very dapper!

Fond of fish but shy around most creatures, Greenie enjoys fishing along the rivers, lakes, and oceans of Gondwa. From a safe distance, he chortles a kind greeting to the gentle creatures that pass by. Once more at ease around you, he may present to you gifts of flowers or fish. At times when he is bored, he may catch a case of the sky-zoomies and put on a spontaneous aerial stunt show before speeding off to have a poke and a laugh at the local mammal population!

Stay tuned for more of Crazdude’s favorite dinosaurs and dino-sonas!

Reject human adulting, join Crazdude as a dinosaur in Path of Titans!


–  Black metal
–  6-colors – hard enamel
–  Dimensions:  2″ x  1.26″ (52 mm x 32 mm)
–  2 pin posts for stability
–  matching grass-green rubber clutches

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