Crouching Enamel Pins, Hidden Pendants (Kickstarter almost over!)

Kickstarter was a success! Check out reduced price Pre-orders in the shop until April 9th!

I’m excited that my Kickstarter for my first Enamel Pin designs is under way and surpassed the fully funded point! It was an ambitious design and an ambitious goal ($1,500) but I found a pin manufacturer to work with AND we made it to the goal (with time to spare!)

The whole process has been full of stress and excitement. From designing the pins, getting estimates, planning the Kickstarter, then days of constantly refreshing the page for new pledges. Now, with the end of the Kickstarter campaign less than a week away, I’m back to my OCD ways of refreshing the page since I have plans to release an similar enamel and glitter silver pendant duo and only need $150 more in pledges to make it happen!

At some point, I hope to make a little advice post about designing a Kickstarter once I feel like I am confident on how to truly optimize in terms of designing a campaign, advertising, and so forth. So far, watching pledges come in, change, and cancel, it’s like watching the stock market ebb and flow which is NERVE WRACKING compared to taking preorders but I can’t imagine I would have gotten enough pledges to cover all the expenses off the bat. Kickstarter has been great so far! Even if I didn’t make it to the goal, no one is charged for pledges until a goal is met and campaign is over so no harm would be done!



For those who haven’t seen my concepts for the pins and the pendants, here they are! Each pin will be 1.5″ and made with hard enamel. Due to the large size, two pin posts will be required and come with rubber clutches to fasten the pins. Additionally, each pin will be stamped with my website on the back. White wolf pin will be made with shiny silver plated metal, hard enamel fills, with white glitter in the colored enamel of the moon and star charm. The Black wolf pin will be similar but with shiny gold plated metal and gold glitter inside the moon and star charm.


Each pin will also come with a holographic backing card (those who pledge at Kickstarter will have the option to skip the backing card for an eco-friendly option!) Since this Kickstarter is funded, pledges will also come with a trio of my howling wolf vinyl stickers (3″x3″)!



My pendants will be similar but a little smaller (1.25″), completely circular, and with no dangling charm. Hard enamel colors to be used between the two with black and white glitter to be used in the background (moon, star, and moon shadow) colors.


The initial funding goal of $1,500 will be used to cover

  • Production of 100 of each of the “Wax and Wane” pins (80%)
  • Kickstarter fees (10%)
  • Shipping [envelopes, labels, postage] (5%)
  • This number was calculated to also provide a safety net in case of an unforeseen shipping emergency (5%).

$500 extra will cover the 100 of each Wax and Wane pendants!



  • Kickstarter live: March-April
  • Funds are received: Mid April
  • Manufacturing: April-May
  • Pins (and stickers) ship to me: Mid May
  • Rewards are sent out/arrive to backers: Late May/June

After the backers are all taken care of, I’ll be updating the shop with pins (and hopefully pendants!)

Thanks to all who have helped to share this project and pledged for their own pins! I’m so excited to bring these to life and put them in the hands of those who supported me!

Much LORF!



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