Craz & The Secret Canfurence Project

As I get back into the art game after my battle with tendinitis, I’ve done a little sketching and a lot of digital artwork. I’m pacing myself but continuing to work on my vector art commissions. And – as some may already know from my excited posts on social media – I have agreed to take on a new special project for Canfurence 2018 in Ottawa, Canada this August! By doing so, I’m officially staff for my first con!

This is a purely volunteer effort on my part (which is something I usually advocate against in this capitalist and dog-eat-dog world of being an independent freelance artist) but after a frustrating hiatus, it’s been helpful for me right now for so many reasons.

Before my wrists got severe tendinitis, I had wanted to experiment and do some personal art before taking on new commissions. So this Canfurence project is giving me a low-pressure opportunity artistic freedom to monitor my tendinitis recovery without added stress of adding owed art to my commission queue; just in case my tendinitis flares up again, I’d rather not have a bloated commission queue. I’m experimenting with new ways to develop depth/dimension without creating whole new shading paths. And I’m greatly improving and expediting my line-work technique. (All of this will help me with future commissions and I’m excited about offering more full-body illustrations in vectors!)

Additionally, the project has given me the opportunity to draw new species, improve my anatomy with familiar species, and repurpose artwork I had sitting on the back-burner for a few years. To top it off, it’s giving me an ego-boost as I work with some of the sweetest and pleasantly surprised staff members I’ve met in my few years of attending, vending, and GOHing (is that even a word?) at furry cons! I’m thrilled to have gone from wrists hurting every day to every other day. I’m able to work a decent day and only have a little “crankiness” in the wrists.

Despite the fact that I’ve been working faster than anyone expected, I’ve been putting a lot of love into each piece of the project. Sadly, I can’t share anything yet. I signed an NDA (so no sneaky peeks for non-staff before the con chairs give me the go ahead!) But that doesn’t stop me from creating hype and inviting more friends and supporters to join me as I sell in the dealers den at my first Canadian con!

Aside from debuting my artwork, I’m happy to announce that a friend of mine AirGuiTaR is the GOH of Canfurence this year!

Check out AirGuiTaR here!
Learn more about Canfurence here!

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