Carrie “Crazdude” Lindstrom (known to many as “Craz” — which was meant to be pronounced “Crazy” — but often goes by “Crazz” or “Craze”) is a self-taught artist who specializes in animal illustrations but is always up for a challenge. Her nickname Crazdude has been with her for over 20 years and was her screen-name (or some derivative of it) for nearly every social media account she had as she networked, inspired others, and improved her artistic skills.

She is self-taught in numerous mediums: Photoshop painting, pixel art, and collage; colored pencil illustration; watercolor painting; and Prismacolor Marker illustration. Her experience in the packaging industry came in handy for boosting her skills with Adobe Illustrator for vector-based illustrations, product labeling, book layout, and logo design.

All of her printed products are designed by herself and are either hand drawn traditionally drawn originals or reproductions of digital and traditional works. Most of her artistic inspiration comes from nature so animals and foliage are often showcased in her work. Her love of experimenting with different mediums and inclination toward bright colors make her gallery diverse with textures and colors. The majority of her printed products (including screen-printed t-shirts, greeting cards, stickers, and coloring books) are printed locally in Rochester, NY.

She studied film and psychology at University of Pittsburgh and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in the field of printing and graphic media. Her passion for drawing was evident since the age of 2 but she became more determined on her self-guided quest for improvement after joining Deviant Art during her college days and developed her mascot and “fursona” Craz-wolf.

Since graduating, Carrie has illustrated a children’s book in her maiden name (Carrie Stariha) with plans to write her own children’s book stories paired with her own characters and illustrations.


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