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Carrie Lindstrom

You can call me Carrie or “Craz”. I am a self-taught multi-media illustrator, logo designer, art tutor, and children’s book author. Despite the fact that I have been drawing most of my life, I enjoy that I am constantly learning and evolving. I love a challenge and I’m always eager to work with other open-minded, passionate, creative people!


After experimenting with numerous artistic mediums and growing her independent art business, Carrie is now passing along her tips, tricks, and advice through her Recent Rambles ADVICE BLOG POSTS!

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Recent Rambles

Tips, tricks, and recent news fresh from the desk of Carrie Lindstrom.

Reference Sheet Terrors: Refs That Make Artists Cry

As you may know, commissioning artwork in the furry fandom involves more than just two people, exchange of money, and...

‘Tis the Season!

‘Tis the Season!

As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 fast approaches, I want to give a little back to those who...

A little thing about numbers (Follower counts: Quality over quantity)

Without being a borderline troll by commenting on people’s posts just to get attention or paying for followers, getting a fan base...

Top 5 ways conventions let their vendors down (+ Cons doing things that artists love!)

Prologue For most people in the furry fandom, conventions are an escape from life’s daily pressures. But for thousands of...

Crazdude’s list of Materials, Tools, and Suppliers

Have you ever wanted to know where I order particular items? How I get things printed? What type of laminator...

How to mail commissions like a boss

How to mail commissions like a boss

I have been on both sides of the commission mailing process a fair amount of times in the past 10...

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