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Carrie Lindstrom

You can call me Carrie or “Craz”. I am a self-taught multi-media illustrator, logo designer, art tutor, and children’s book author. Despite the fact that I have been drawing most of my life, I enjoy that I am constantly learning and evolving. I love a challenge and I’m always eager to work with other open-minded, passionate, creative people!


After years of learning numerous art mediums on her own, Carrie is now teaching classes in Rochester, NY through the Art Store and the Rochester Brainery. Want to take a class? Find out where and when in the BLOG.

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Recent Rambles

Tips, tricks, and recent news fresh from the desk of Carrie Lindstrom.
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CMYK vs RGB – What is the difference and why does it matter?

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Crazdude to be Guest of Honor at Fur-Xoticon!

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Why am I so disappointed in my art? How can I overcome it?

“Why am I so disappointed in my art?” I have heard this question asked many times by fellow artists and...

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