Swing Tail Badge


Swing tail badges show your character can have both class and sass with a swing of the tail! A sparkly bejeweled bow on every badge makes it possible to swing the tail to show another sparkly surprise when the tail is straight up in the air.

All components are laminated with sturdy 10mil lamination before assembling and hole-punching for wearability.

Name, bow, and hidden “x” are adorned with glitter. All characters printed in toner (better for long-lasting color) and accented in glitter/metallic gel pens. Can also color with UV/neon colors by hand as needed.

An additional tail to switch out is optional for characters with tails that have a different color underside than topside.

Approximately 3″x4.5″

Note: Due to construction/coloring, these are hind view only; no face on other side. Ideal for feral (non-anthro) characters.

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