Summer Sticker Set vol. 1

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Perfect as a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself, 5″x8″ sheet of twenty-seven (27) personally designed summer-themed stickers. Each larger sticker is approximately 1.5″x1.5″ with a halo of orange background around the contour of the shape.

Aside from the print quality of the artwork (which came out perfect; vibrant colors and crisp lines) these stickers are technically incredible. When I got my first batch, I was so excited, I stuck them on my face! The adhesive and material were both so strong that I was able to remove them from my face, place them on plastic film, remove them again and place them flat in a greeting card.

The artwork began with quick concept sketches, which were then “inked”, colored, and shaded in Adobe Illustrator. The final layout was printed and die-cut on high-quality sticker paper by CatPrint LLC of Rochester, NY. They specialize in high-quality printed products and also foster cats!

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1 review for Summer Sticker Set vol. 1

  1. Lucianthinus

    These stickers are really nice, with smooth clear printing and bright summery colors! The orange is a great contrast to the objects in each sticker and accents them well when stuck on whatever you want to put them on. The adhesive holds very well so be sure to place carefully because once they’re on they really hold on! Great product, fun colors and artwork, and a great price. The inclusion of the coffee cup was my favorite because its was just so me haha!

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