Stunt-Double Badge Upgrade


Have you ever been so concerned about the safety of your traditional artwork badge that you are afraid to wear it? This is an upgrade feature to any badge commission you purchase from my shop that will ensure you can keep the original safe AND wear the artwork with all the pride and none of the worry! Better than a bodyguard! It’s a stunt-double!

The original artwork is scanned and printed. Any glitter, gemstones, or metallic inks that were used for the original artwork will be applied by hand to the printed “stunt-double” before being laminated with 10mil sturdy lamination and punched for easy wear.

Two stunt doubles provided for any badges 1/2pg and smaller!


NOTE: Not recommended for Neon/UV reactive elements as they can not be reproduced in the printing process. I can “cheat” by saturating the areas with UV ink but it’s not quite the same as the original.

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