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Prismacolor marker badges are noted for the vibrant colors and smooth blending. The full 200-piece set is at my disposal to achieve accurate color matching. The markers allow for vibrant hues, fluffy fur textures, and smooth gradients.

Each badge is sketched on acid-free illustration paper, inked and colored, then accented with gel pen. The final piece is trimmed, laminated, and the lamination is punched with a badge clip hole punch (perfect for badge clips and lanyards) then shipped to the purchaser.

All species welcome and small props and adornments encouraged to add a little flair to your badge! Details of the character or pet will be discussed via e-mail with relevant reference sheet or reference photos.

All badges 1/2 page and larger now come with a stunt double badge and half-size stunt double badge! (Learn more about stunt double badges here!)


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Connecting Badge, Barfing Pair, Full Page, Instagram 4" circle, 1/2 page, 1/4 page, Key-tag, Pool Toy Badge, Festive Badge

13 reviews for Prismacolor Marker Badge

  1. MunchyPaws (verified owner)

    I ordered a ‘Half-page Prismacolor Marker Badge’ from this wonderful artist!

    One of the best things about working with her is her patience and creativity. Not only did she take her time with developing the sketch, but she threw in her own suggestions to influence the drawing (making the whole thing a lot better than I originally anticipated!).

    All my messages to her were responded within a very short time, and she made it fun to working with her. She was not only professional, but fun and relaxing as well!

    The badge came in the mail within a few days after completion, and I was satisfied with not only the badge, but the extra things she threw in (ex: stickers, and a personal thank you card).

    All in all, she’s a wonderful artist that I highly recommend!

  2. Elbi

    Working with Craz is an absolute joy, I knew I wanted a piece from her for a while and when I was finally able to get one she made the process super fun and simple! She’s super humble and patient, and I honestly came out of the experience with a new friend! My badges were professional quality, and the extra stickers and such were a lovely personal touch! <3 <3 <3 Her artwork will definitely be the pride of my badge collection!

  3. Albi

    I came to Craz looking for a half-page badge because her art is beautiful and she draws canines in such a cute, unique style. She was an absolute joy to work with; always cheerful and excited, very positive. She had such cute ideas like surrounding my character “Peach Pit” with actual peaches and blossoms to complement her punny name.

    I enjoyed the commission process so much that as soon as she was done, I ended up commissioning her again for a badge of my main sona! Both pieces of art are gorgeous new additions to my badge collection. The colors and shading are stunning and the large sizes really stand out against the suit.

    I highly recommend Craz as an artist. She is so easy to talk to and just has such a positive energy to her. I will definitely come back for more art, myself! <3

  4. Midge (verified owner)

    I’ve known Craz for years it seems, I was elated to finally get the chance to request her for a commission. When I received my badge in the mail…. Words could not describe my excitement! Craz has an in canny talent for detail and pays attention to your request to a T! Not to mention she is so sweet and will keep you updated on her progress every step of the way.

    I would highly recommend her for all your art designs and desires. She’s a wonderful person I couldn’t have asked for a better friend 🙂

  5. Skittledeedoo (verified owner)

    Craz is such a pleasant and wonderful person to work with! She’ll keep you updated with every step of the way and maintain a nice and sweet demeanor all the way through!
    I purchased a 1/4 page marker badge from her and I am utterly in love with the results. I have an elephant fursona and he looked so adorable. Her style is beautiful and the way she inks and colors is precise, vibrant and beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better result!

  6. Ashley Kerslake (verified owner)

    I commissioned a marker badge recently and am astounded by the quality and attention to detail and care that went into the badge! She finished it today and I look forward to receiving it in the mail! I’ve commissioned Crazy before and am yet again blown away at the results! She replies quickly to messages, gives updates during the sketching/lining and colouring stages of the drawing and is just so friendly and easy to work with! I could say so many good things about this artist, she’s fantastic and I will be commissioning again!

  7. Leigh (verified owner)

    I commissioned Craz for a marker 1/2 page for my Dutch Angel Dragon OC, and couldn’t be happier with the final product.

    She was very kind and asked for my opinion on several sketches and added her own unique twist to my OC.

    She even purchased the specific marker colours to match his colour pallet which was greatly appreciated.

    Even though this made the commission take longer, I was constantly updated via messages and once the markers arrived the art was done very shortly after.

    I adore the piece and is one of my absolute favourite commissioned arts!

    Highly recommended!

  8. Ez

    I cannot express how much I love the piece of art I received from Craz! Not to mention how enjoyable the whole experience was! It was very thoughtful of her to help brainstorm ideas for the badge itself, and I SAY, it worked out beautifully! She was so easygoing and there was little to no delay after contact! Such a nice person, such wonderful artwork, and I’m very satisfied with the overall outcome!

  9. Anna B. (verified owner)

    My badge that I received from Craz is easily one of my favorites. She has an exceptionally unique style, and she will make doubly-sure not to miss out on any detail.

    She asked me specific details about my character, in order to match my character’s personality, and not just her appearance. Now that’s thinking outside the box!

    She is such a wonderful person to talk to! She cares about everyone and has a very positive attitude ^^ I very much recommend commissioning her.

  10. Bianca (verified owner)

    I ordered a candy gore badge off Crazdude because I couldn’t not have my character in her style!
    The experience I had with crazdude is by far one of the best I have had with commissioning an artist, I had an idea of what I wanted and she threw in some cool ideas and artistic magic. Craz is a pleasure to work with and so easy to talk to. The art was done super quick considering she was busy with cons and whatnot and that is super impressive, as well as making it all the way down under in time for halloween. My post guy was pretty rough with the mail and actually bent it pretty bad but the art was still pristine due to the expert packing 😀
    I could not recommend this artist more!! You will not regret comissioning crazdude!
    Thank you so much.

  11. Rianne (verified owner)

    I ordered a half page commission of my character, and I truly could not be happier with the result!

    Crazdude was professional and very approachable from the word go! She regularly updated me on her progress with my commission and I could also see the progress via her Trello page, which was very useful!

    Her skill of matching complimentary colours to suit your character is second to none and she captures your characters personality perfectly! She pays very close attention to detail and it definitely pays off!

    Once my commission was completed she alerted me of when she had shipped my purchase and when to expect it. When the commission arrived I was very impressed on the expert packaging , as my post man usually bends things and this commission certainly passed this test! No damage what so ever! Perfect!

    I would highly recommend purchasing from Crazdude, as I certainly plan to commission her again very soon!

    Thank you so much again!

  12. RIanne (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered another amazing badge from Crazdude! This time I got a 1/4 badge of my lion character.

    I honestly could not be happier with the result! The attention to detail is second to none and I really like this size too! Fits in the palm of my hand very nicely!

    As always the package arrived safe and sound and I really like the touch of the greetings card in there too! 🙂

    Highly recommend Crazdude for any commission!

    Thanks again! Until next time!

  13. Rasachi

    I ordered a 1/4 page badge from Crazdude of my snow leolf fursona, Rasachi. We discussed the theme for the badge and various other details.
    Working with Crazdude is like a dream! She’s so incredibly nice and easy to work with. She gives constant WIPs and requests feedback for each step she takes. She is detail oriented which I appreciate a lot, especially with the markings on my fursona.
    I have not officially received my badge yet but through pictures, the badge looks incredible! I can’t wait to get my paws on it for real and show it off!
    I can only highly recommend Crazdude and her work and I look forward to commissioning from her again!

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